All In

All In - 03 - Generous Fellowship - 2 Corinthians 8:1-15

1. The Means To Joy In Affliction (v. 1-2)
2. God-Centered Devotion That Produces Generosity (v. 3-5)
3. Empowered Through Grace (v. 6-9)
4. Faithful With The Lord's Supply (v. 10-15)

5 Ways I Need To Examine My Heart About Generous Partnership

  1. Am I Truly Compelled By The Cross & Lordship Of Christ
  2. Am I Sincere About The Cause Of Jesus Christ
  3. Am I Willing To Be A Steward Rather Than An Owner
  4. Am I Willing To Make A Sacrifice
  5. Am I A User, Or A Partner In The Church