1 Corinthians

Victory - 24 - Victory Even In Death - 1 Corinthians 15:35-58

3 Reasons You Need To Have An Answer About Death:

1. The Death Rate is 100%... Everyone Is Going to Die

2. Many of Us Are Actually Wrestling With Death Right Now

3. We All Internally Ask Questions of Destiny

1. Consider the Reality of a New Body (v. 35-44)

2. Consider the Reality of a Risen Savior (v. 44-49)

3. Consider the Reality of a Greater Victory (v. 50-57)

4. Persevere Toward the Greater Reality (v. 58)

Victory - 23 - Is There Life After Death? - 1 Corinthians 15:12-34

ERROR: There Is No Resurrection Of The Dead

If There Is No Resurrection Of The Dead:

1. Jesus Hasn't Been Raised

2. Preaching The Gospel Is Pointless

3. Faith In Christ Is Meaningless

4. We Are Lying About God To You

5. Your Faith Is Worthless

6. You Will Die In Your Sins

7. Christians Who've Died Are Gone Forever

8. Followers Of Christ Should Be Pitied More Than Anyone Else On The Planet

TRUTH: Christ Has Been Raised From The Dead

1. Like Jesus, Others Will Be Raised

2. King Jesus Wins

3. Suffering For Jesus Is Worth It

4. Set Yourself Apart For Jesus

Victory - 13 - Laying Down My Rights For The Sake Of The Gospel - 1 Corinthians 9:1-27

Paul's Rights

1. His Credentials As A Church Leader (v. 1-6)

2. His Universal Rights (v. 7)

3. The Old Testament Law (v. 8-12)

4. The Old Testament Priests (v. 13)

5. The Command Of Jesus (v. 14)

Paul's Reasons For Laying Down His Rights

1. To Receive A Greater Reward (v. 15-18)

2. To See A Greater Harvest (v. 19-23)

3. To Achieve A Greater Prize (v. 24-27)

Victory - 12 - Unity Amidst Our Different Convictions - 1 Corinthians 8:1-13

1. Knowledge of God Should Produce Love (v. 1-3)

2. Knowledge of God Should Produce Worship (v. 4-6)

3. Knowledge of God Will Produce Different Convictions (v. 7-8)

4. Knowledge of God Should Not Injure The Weaker Conscience (v. 9-13)

10 Essential Truths:

1. The Bible Is God’s Word to Us... All 66 books of it.... It Is Inspired by God And Is Infallible, Inerrant and Unchanging

2. God is One God in Three Persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

3. God is the Creator of the Universe

4. Mankind, Born In God’s Image, Is Fallen in Sin and is Separated from God

5. Jesus Christ Is Eternally & Fully Divine as God the Son

6. Christ Lived a Sinless & Fully Human Life, Died an Atoning Death, & Rose Three Days Later in a Bodily Resurrection

7. It Is Through Christ’s Death & Resurrection that One Can be Forgiven of Sin & Reconciled to God by Grace through Faith Alone

8. God the Holy Spirit Confirms & Seals the Faith of All Believers

9. The Church is the Body of Christ & in His Ongoing Ministry to Make Disciples & To Guard the Truth of the Gospel

10. Jesus Christ is Coming Again With Eternal Judgment on All Who Have Not Believed the Gospel & to Restore All Things to His People without Sin or curse